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woman with newly born twins


MIRACLE! “They laughed at me when I couldn’t get pregnant for 5 Whole Years… now, I have 2 Beautiful Boys. Here is how I did it”


How To Overcome Infertility and Get Pregnant...without having to visit a Hospital: 

  • Get Pregnant Fast in less than 3 ½ Months without Taking a Single Pill
  • Crush & Reverse all Trace of Female & Male Infertility using little known steps
  • Prepare Your Womb & Cells For The Most Perfect Condition For Conception

(…especially if you’ve never had a child before or you had a bad abortion before)  


Dear friend,

Are you tired of trying so hard to get pregnant?

Are you tired of spending money on lots of expensive drugs without result?

Are you weak of feeling depressed because you can't get pregnant when you want to?


If yes…

Then I suggest you read this article slowly...

Because I just revealed the simple steps anyone including you can use to DOUBLE your chances of getting pregnant and conceiving your own baby in no distant time.

Some of these information are what the Medical Industry doesn’t want you to know about.


Besides, this may just be the MOST IMPORTANT letter you will ever read this year about Getting Pregnant Fast (no matter what your doctor have told you)  


In the next 5 Minutes, I will take you by the hand and show you a simple yet effective guide on How To Get Pregnant Naturally using an Age-Long (almost forgotten) Birth Method that requires natural tricks.


Discover The Little Known yet Highly Effective Trick Women Like You Use To

BOOST Their Chances Of Having A Baby NATURALLY...without visiting a Doctor


This Practice Which Has Been In Use For Over A 100 Years is Now Revealed to You For The First Time...


It does not matter if:     

  • You’ve lost 1 or 2 babies in miscarriages before 


  • You’ve had ovarian issues like cysts or fibroid  


  • Your man has a low sperm count or erectile issues 

 Seriously, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve prayed or how long you’ve tried…

One thing I know is that God can bless anyone with the Fruit of The Womb anytime...

No matter your age or condition.


My friend Sarah was 27 years old when she got married.

Everything went well including the wedding. 

Every one was happy for her.

She got married to her husband and they lived together in peace.

Now, something very tragic happened...


5 years later, Sarah called me on phone one good evening and she was crying.

You see, Sarah was the type of woman that doesn't even go out much.
She was your perfect wife material.

But then she was very unlucky not to have a baby in her marriage.

And the funny thing is that all the doctors she visited said she was okay.

Every time, Sarah is paying for consultation or drinking one supplement or the other.


Sarah was despereate for a baby because she was not getting any younger.

By next year she will be 37.

She needs a baby and she is tired of trying and failing.


She even summoned courage and asked her husband to go for a test too.

But then after the husband argued for a while, he went for a seminal test.

And when the result came out, both of them were medically okay.


No single cause of Infertility was found...


Everything was perfect. Still no baby!

At a point her husband was no longer touching her in bed.

She knew things have gotten out of hand the day her husband called her a man.

Her in-laws were not even helping matters.

Sarah suspected it could be a spiritual case

They visited lots of fellowships and kept believeing in God but no result.

You see dear...

there are about 3 major causes of infertility & ‘childlessness’ and amazingly not even Doctors and Gynecologists are talking about it.


These 3 Unusual Causes are what I refer to as the Pregnancy Power Trippers.

And any woman who is impatient about Getting Pregnant should NOT IGNORE them.


The 3 Pregnancy Power Trippers include:

#1 Your exposure to negative energy.

#2 Your Food and

#3 Your Body temperature.


But by the time Sarah contacted us, her marriage has already CRASHED

Her husband had gotten a new woman.


She was totally HEART-BROKEN.


It was after she contacted me that we started her journey to OVERCOMING INFERTILITY

She joined our online class and got our Fertility Hack program. 

She started the course with 35 other women last year.


Now, for those of you who don't know, I am Nurse Vivian.
The owner of the Facebook community, The Fruit Of The Womb group

Over the last 5 years, I was able to developed what is considered to be the First Ever Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Pregnancy Success (…no matter how long you’ve tried)  

I was able to develop this SURE-FIRE, guaranteed and clinically researched system that is backed by over 7,500+ hours of intensive medicine research in 6 months.  

I would have done this a while ago but the problem is I was so busy with work and hospital checks.

But recently...   I’ve had a lot of women and young couples ask me one simple question.

They were all asking me "how do I get pregnant without spending much on expensive drugs that don't work.

Most of the women in my Facebook group are all tired of taking drugs and going for test.

Some of tried everything just like Sarah for more than 10 years...


Others have tried for more than 10 years without a child...

Listen carefully and stay with me, dear…  

I know how hard it is to admit that you can't get pregnant or have a baby as you like to.

I totally understand how you feel.

Some women in our Facebook group have told me that the drugs even make them feel WORSE.

Let’s not beat around the bush here.

Time is valuable and I don’t wanna waste it.  

Let me just ask you QUESTION, dear: can you honestly look in the mirror and say… that you are happy with your Fertility?

Are you tired of collecting insults and heart-breaking words from people around you because of your childless situation?

Lots of women are facing a lot of untold challenges because of Infertility and you may be one of them?

But if you honestly want to save your relationship, your pride and have a fulfilling parental experience then read on… this is for YOU.

One thing is certain…  

To Get Pregnant Quick– you need to have to HEALTHY eggs and your vag!na needs to be in the perfect condition too.

If it is too acidic, it will kill the sperm before it even begins to swim to your eggs.

Your man also needs to have FERTILE sperm cells that can swim very fast.

And there are very powerful known traditional ways of BOOSTING your Fertility.

And when my friend Sarah joined our one-on-one fertility course we started breaking down the chains of infertility one by one in her life.

We began to eliminate all the Silent Fertility Killing Foods in her Life.

We started to replace it with African Super-Foods and Herbs that automatically REVERSED and CRUSHED her infertility in no distant time.


Here is what we did...

We Introduced Sarah to Our Exclusive 4-week Secret Fertiltiy Course: 

  1. We first of all detoxed her of all the negative energy using our 7-day Fertility Food Plan
  2. We then taught her how to chart her ovulation and identify her most fertile days (this will instantly double your chances of conceiving)
  3. We showed her how to effectively HEAL her womb using simple Natural massage techniques using Pure Virgin Castor Oil
  4. We also eliminated the entire silent Sperm Killing Foods she had been mistakenly feeding her man (this includes foods like Okro and Soya beans)

Guess what...

We were able to coach Sarah one-on-one till she was able to conceive.

As soon as we finished healing her womb using the secret recipes and massage technique we revealed, she gained a bit weight and we thought she was overeating.

Then all of a sudden, she called me with the GOODNEWS!


We even had another testimony the next week...from another member named Esther in our Facebook group...

Sarah is now going to be a mum few months from now in her new family and we have complied every single step we took to get her to have her own kids...in our Fertility Program.



How To Get Pregnant Fertiltiy Course

The question you should be asking yourself NOW is:

“Would I INVEST in a solution that takes only 30 minutes of my life a day to be able to have as much babies as I want?”

"Would I spare a few minutes a day to practice a simple natural Fertility Plan that will boost my chances of having your babies?"

"Would I invest in a surgery-free plan that will help me get preganant without visiting any hospital or taking drugs"

Of course I will!

But then... I know you might think that this may not work for you maybe because you have tried a lot of solutions.

But then you dont have to listen to me.

See what other ordinary women like you are saying about my Fertility Program for Pregnancy:


5 years of bareness broken.

“I have been TTC a child for 5 years now. And the doctor said I was medically okay... yet no baby after trying. Thanks to Nurse Vivian for recommending this life-saving program. God bless you. I now have a cute little girl after I followed the Pregnancy steps in the program for 4 months. I can’t thank you enough, God bless you, Nurse Vivian.”

Priscilla. 49 Yrs old (Abuja, Nigeria)   




Pregnant couple

 I was able to overcome ovarian issues following steps in your eBook

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I went for a second scan test after the doctor told me I had a low chance of conceiving..at the age of 37. I had doubts that your system would work but then I believed and I purchased it. Now, look at me. My complications are gone and I’m 4 months preggy!

”Cynthia Amadi. 32 Yr old (Lekki, Nigeria)





 Bouncing baby boy after trying so hard for 15 months. But my story changed after following your guide, Nurse.

“I was seriously getting concerned when I couldn’t keep just conceive. But then, my husband came home with your eBooks and videos all downloaded on his phone. And contrary to what the doctor told us about our inability to ever have a child, here I am carrying my own baby. There are no words to describe how I feel. You are a blessing to marriages”

Clara Idowu. 31 Yr old (Accra, Ghana)




“I lost 3 babies to miscarriages in less than 15 months. My gynecologist says I may never have a baby again. I lost hope till I travelled home to Nigeria and came across your post on Facebook. Then I decided to try it. I am forever grateful, dear. I am now 4 months pregnant again and will be due in a few months. Thanks to your detailed Pregnancy program Nurse Vivian.

Martha Adeniyi, 37 yrs old. (Madrid, Spain)




happy couple

Who would have believed that at my age, I could finally have a child? Thank you for giving hope to women all over the country, Vivian.

“I am now a happy father at 57 yrs. I have never had a baby because I had a case of low sperm count and the doctor said my wife had a case of ectopic pregnancy and after years of bareness, I was surprised when her CT Scans showed her womb had a baby. Our baby is all grown now. And I am so fulfilled. Thanks God for Nurse Vivian.

Oliver Akindele (Chicago Illinois, U.S.A)  



Oh! I almost forgot about completeing my story about my friend, Sarah whose first marriage crashed because she couldn’t conceive and bear a child.

Unfortunately, I met her 2 months after she got divorced. And there was absolutely nothing we could do about her failed marriage…but GUESS WHAT?!  


Sarah is currently blessed with 2 lovely kids as we speak.  


I specifically asked her to send in her picture for this particular article and she did…scroll down and bit and see how FULFILLED and HEALTHY she looks with her new family.



 After a first failed marriage, I was able to reverse my blocked womb and give my husband 2 babies in less than 3 years and a month.

“I totally lost hope in myself after my first divorce. But meeting Nurse Vivian, was one of the most important events of my life. Honestly, I didn’t believe it would work. I just wanted to give it a try because I had given up hope. Joy feels my heart as I write this… I wish I had met you earlier.”

Ahmed Sarah 38 yrs old. (Abuja, Nigeria)



 My Point is this…

Infertility is a Sign From Our Body That Something Is Wrong Somewhere  


And if you don’t pay ATTENTION to your body’s signal you WILL be BAREN forever (most times)  


The rate of infertility amongst women has tripled to close to 45% according to statistics.

And it is alarming because lots of medical centers have absolutely no idea on how you can stop this ever-rising DANGER.  


And no woman/couple should pass through an infertile stage in silence and that includes You.


So, dear friend,

If you are interested in getting this ALMOST-INSTANT Fertility Course that has literally helped tens of women and marriages then I strongly suggest you PAY GRAB THIS OFFER NOW 

This offer is open to just the first 100 women or couple who contact me after getting this recommended Fertility Solutions in the form of eBooks and video programs (for download) :    



when you purchase this course:

HOW TO GET PREGNANT (For Women who are TTC)

…a simple step-by-step guide to getting pregnant using guaranteed natural secrets.

How to get Pregnant eBook

This is a simple eBook for download where I spilled out every step we take while training women in our one-on-one training. it was released

It has been refered to as one of the most effective manuals against Infertility 


Now, Here Are a Few Of The SECRETS That I REVEALED in this eBook and How it can Help you Get Pregnant ... without wasting time:



 SECRET #1: How to quickly and easily HEAL YOUR WOMB for babies to grow naturally in…

using known herbs like Maca and using the Womb Healing Massage (See Page 19)

SECRET #2: Discover the most important NATURAL STEP you can use to virtually CRUSH over 85% of all Infertility cases (including blocked ovaries, cysts and fibroids) using the Castor oil Heat Pack.  (See Video no.6)

SECRET #3:  My TOP 5-step Power Formula for controlling irregular menstrual cycle which is vital for conception to occur. (See Pg. 31-33)

SECRET #4: The Truth Behind the 3 Most Popular LIES ever told about a woman’s ovulation...

...and how you can turn this truth to your advantage and maximize your chances of getting pregnant in less than 3 months and few weeks

 SECRET #5: Discover the exact techniques I used in helping Sarah, my friend get pregnant months after her first marriage crashed because of ovarian complications. (See Page 57)

 SECRET #6: Why you should forget almost everything any "specialist doctor" tells you about taking pills for Fertility. Stop falling for this lie pushed on everybody. (See page 29-30)

SECRET #7: Three Reasons every man should go for a medical checkup… especially if one of his testes is noticeably bigger than the other.

Ignore this at your OWN RISK (See page 35)

  SECRET #8: How to Re-ACTIVATE even the most unhealthy and lowest male sperm count into a HEALTHY SUPER-SWIMMER SPERM...

that is guaranteed to Get Her Pregnant Faster Than You Can Ever Imagine. (See the Massive Erection Juice recipe Video)

** Super HOT freshly launched Video… on How To SHRINK Fibroids & Cysts without Surgery**


The How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program also shows you:  

  • 5 Mistakes women make that always leads to an instant FORCED ABORTION also known as miscarriage) and how to avoid them.   ·       
  • The most potent NATUAL ROOTS & vegetables any man with a history of erectile dysfunction and LOW SPERM quality can take to automatically reverse and BOOST his sperm count in exactly 9 days.  

  • How Menopause is a big fat LIE and an excuse for big pharmacies to extort money and pump you full of useless drugs…just like cancer  

  • What to do if you have a fertilized egg outside of your ovary (and how to avoid it in the first place)  

  • Natural short-cuts to safe conception and delivery especially if you are slightly overweight or have a history of the dreaded diabetes in your family.  

  • The ROOT-CAUSE of infertility that doctors are totally clueless about  


Listen dear, there are lucky couples that get pregnant fast, this is true… but the sad reality is that most couples take months if not years to conceive just like my friend, Sarah.


The How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program is guaranteed to work for you as it includes guidelines that is easy as ABC. And  as effective and simple to follow as…1...2...3.

Because of my very busy schedule as a medical nurse, I feel sad for not revealing the secrets in the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program ever since.

So, I am dropping every single thing I stumbled on all through the years in this Fertility course.


You'll also get…  


3 HOT Free Fertility Bonuses At Once!  

When you Invest in The How to Get Pregnant program (HGP) Before The Countdown Timer Ends You'll Also Receive The
Following 4 Bonuses Worth At Least 39,710.32 ($110.56) for FREE!      


HOT BONUS #1:  MISCARRIAGES: Causes Symptoms and How to Prevent


This special recommended eBook, MISCARRIAGES: Causes Symptoms and How to Prevent contains everything a woman should know about miscarriages and how to avoid it naturally when you get pregnant.  

value: ( 11,210 but yours for free)  


 HOT FREE BONUS #2: The Top 15 Questions…a list of the top 15 questions asked by women after delivery.

Get the answers to the Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions you will likely need answers to after you give birth.

This is will save you time and help you know what to except few weeks and months after your baby has arrived.

value: ( 3,210 but yours for free)



 HOT BONUS #3:  VIDEO—How to Get Pregnant Instructional video guide.

This freshly launched video contains the A to Z of everything we have discussed in the eBook, How To Get Pregnant (HGP).

The VIDEO—How to Get Pregnant Instructional video guide is perfect for you if you are very busy or a career person and don’t have the time to go through the eBook at a sitting.

value: ( 17,290 but yours for free)  



  HOT BONUS #4: INSTANT online follow up 

 The How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program is the first ever program which have shown in full explanatory details everything a woman needs to naturally transform herself into a mother… in less than 6 months.


In fact, as soon as you order for this life-changing video, you have our 100% SATISAFCTION GUARAANTE.


And when I reach the limit of people I think I can handle, I will STOP accepting entries because hospital work usually take up most of my time here…


So, grab this chance while you can. And utilize this opportunity to your KILL INFERTILITY and Get Pregnant Now.  


After you have downloaded this eBooks and video program you will be automatically added to our mailing list, which is a private list for exclusive women.

You will always be updated on all our activites about things like our upcoming seminars and free giveaways and even the chance to partake in my Last Bonus which is…  


HOT BONUS #5: A Free Personal One-On-One Medical Consultation For Better Results. Value: ( ₦20,000 but yours for free)


I will simply contact you by email and when you make purchase and you will be told when your one-on-one coaching will begin.

All these highly guarded information will be unveiled to just the few lucky people who invest in and get the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program NOW. 



Pregnant Mum #7

"We have prayed to God and we have fasted. I think this is our own testimony from God. We will name our baby girl after Nurse Vivian, as soon as she is born next 4 month. I wish I can thank you face to face, Nurse Vivian. Your program is just a miracle to me."

- Flora Rukayyat (Lagos)    

By now, you must have noticed that the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program comes with a truckload of FREE bonuses worth more than ₦119,710.32   


In fact, that is what we charge the public for consultancy and one-on-one Fertility coaching.

I am currently counseling 17 other women. 

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Mind you, because of the exclusive nature of service I provide to women both in our private Facebook group and in our one-on-one email coaching there is a limit to the amount of messages (and calls) I can answer a day too.

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And the fact that you are reading this right now means that it's still available.

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So, How Much Does the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) Program go for?

Since there are no printing costs for the Videos and e-books, you can get the Full Program for much less than it would cost if it was in a printed copy

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We all know that I could easily charge you the same amount I charge the Public which is ₦119,710.32

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Your investment for this life-changing Fertility Crash Course is 15,650 only!  




This is your total (V.I.P) package...  

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So, with your permission...

I am going to show you the simplest and most effective steps a woman can use to get Pregnant in no less than 3 ½ months when you click on the “Order Now” button below…  


Save Up To 90% if you Order Now.


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 That's all.

Very simple to do. Once you've downloaded your book, read the entire manual from cover to cover at least 3 times.

Also watch the video and take notes. Then take action and start immediately!


Remember that my private consultation will be withdrawn once I get the first few 100 sign ups.

And in less than 3 months, the results will come.

Your womb will be HEALED and your chances of getting pregnant will SKY-ROCKET over time...

...and with time, you will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to pre-select the sex of your baby even before delivery.


What this means is that ONLY women who invest in the HGP program will be given the direct access to our yet-to-be-released program called

Baby Sex Selection…a complete guide on how to choose the sex of your baby before delivery.


At the end of first few weeks, your infertility problems will literally FADE AWAY.

And in no distant time, the cry of a baby will fill the entire house as you rejoice in the joys of motherhood with your own baby in your hands.  

NOTE: You Save Up To 90% if you Order Now.



PAY 15,650 Naira for the VIP pack...

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If you have any questions, please feel free to send a mail to admin@getuspregnant.com and we will reply you as soon




You have our 100% Customer Guarantee Policy to your advantage here.

Here is what I mean:

Our How to Get Pregnant Fertility Program have been tested and proven to work. We are so sure you will love the results you get from our Fertility Program that we stand fully behind our work.

If you follow all the program for the first 12 months, and are not fully satisfied with your results, we will provide you with our Weekly phone & email consultation free of charge until you get the results you seek.

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