The steps to getting pregnant

Pregnancy is golden, as such there are so many steps involved in getting pregnant as well as in preparing your body to receive this miracle baby from God.


1.Staying off birth control pills

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One of many of them is getting your body rid of any drugs and pills, if you are on drugs, birth control pills and the lot, then you really need to stop ahead of time and allow your body to purge and heal itself of all this artificial chemicals.

You should abstain from this at least say a month before you can begin to attempt getting pregnant with your spouse. Taking birth control pills and some other drugs might affect the cycle and lead to irregular ovulation so you need to stay off it so that your body will return to normal ovulation and you will be well primed for pregnancy. Plus it will also help you track your cycle and figure out when you will ovulate.
Just remember: Once you stop using birth control, you can get pregnant at any time!


2. Maintaining a good body weight

You have to be in optimum condition for getting pregnant and staying in shape is one of them. You need to stay off junk, you need to stay off unhealthy food and sugar because you are preparing your system for the coming of another being which goes to a large extent to involve eating healthy meals and maintaining the perfect body weight.

Now maintaining a perfect body weight does not involve being too slim or being too fat, no!

The ideal BML for pregnancy is 20-25.

Being overweight or underweight affects hormones levels responsible for pregnancy which is not really right.

Maintaining a healthy weight and eating right can help you get pregnant faster.


3.Figure out your fertile days.

No matter how many times you have sex with your partner, if you don’t pay heed to your calendar and you skip the days when you are most fertile and your eggs are out, then you might not get pregnant.

The biggest mistake couples make is not knowing when they ovulate. Today, most health personnel  recommend the use of Ovulator Predictor Kits.

Get yourself one and never miss an ovulation.


4. Have sex before you ovulate

Most times after having sex, the sperm tends to stick along the wall of the uterus and fallopian tubes for a while, even days, but your eggs only lasts for 18-24 hours after its released. So to boost your chances of getting pregnant, its better the sperm is deposited in the uterus before the egg is released to meet up with it.

For a typical 28-day cycle (where you ovulate on day 14), here’s what you’ll do:
Around day 12, have sex more often as the chances are higher the closer your ovulation draws nearer.

5. Dos and dont’s of having sex to get a baby

Always lie on your back after sex so you don’t loose any sperm.The Vagina naturally slopes downwards so its only natural for the sperm to swirl in and form a pool in the utereus. So its better to lie on the back after sex, also if possible practice any sex style that has to do with lying mostly on your back.

Dont bother about wearing tight boxers or briefs as a man to bed. I know the saying that very low temperature can kill sperm cells , well this hasnt been proved scientifically, so dont bother yourself much.

Dont use a lubricant or artificial substance during or after sex, just do it the natural way as some of this substances have the tendency to kill and damage sperm cells when they come in contact with one which might not be good for your shot at getting pregnant.

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