Am i Pregnant?

Whenever you are expecting a baby, always pay close attention to these signs that shows up in the body, so that you will know when its time to go for a pregnancy test and then start expecting the arrival of a new born baby in the house.

Below are listed subtle signs of pregnancy which will occur as a result of hormones released to the body as a result of being pregnant.



  1. Sore Breasts

This is a very common pregnancy symptom that most women experience during the first stages of pregnancy. The breast tissues are very hormone sensitive and always reacts once you are pregnant. As soon as HCG and progesterone starts flooding the body after the egg has been fertilised, they increase the blood volume which in turn results to swelling as well as heaviness of the breasts.



2. Cramps

You will start feeling stomach cramps like you are undergoing menstruation. Its part of the pregnancy symptoms and not menstruation. The eggs have just been fertilized recently and got attached to the uterine wall ,so the uterus will be stretching every now and then while preparing itself for the massive expansion expected of it in 9 months time.

3. Fatigue

You are always tired. If all you can think about is where to sit down and lay down your head. If you are always feeling the need for a nap at work, then it might be that you are pregnant. This signs come as early as within 2 weeks of pregnancy as the foetus would start using up your calories and would wipe out your energy store as quickly as possible.


4. Nipple darkening

The nipples tend to darken as you get pregnant and advance in weeks . This is simply as a result of the activity of melanocytes- the cells in the nipples responsible for the colour.Most dark coloured women would not notice this change until say 10 weeks in to pregnancy.

5. Nausea

Full blown early morning sickness which affects 80% of pregnant women at the early signs of pregnancy. If it doesnt affect you now , then it will come in a more subtle form like while reading or while driving.



You know you are pregnant when your body starts bloating. You will experience slow digestion. After eating most times, the food will find it hard to digest due to the high level of progesterone, those undigested foods will accumulate as fats in the skin especially the belly and hence you will notice a slight weight increase.


7. Frequent Peeing

When you are pregnant, your uterus starts increasing, which on the other hand presses on the kidney hence leading to you flushing out fluid more frequently. It also happens at the last month of pregnancy.


8. Cravings

The high rate of metabolism of the body of a pregnant woman also requires high refueling as the woman needs enough nutrient for both her and her baby . Hence her overtired body would always crave for bigger than life foods.


9. Headaches

The increase in blood flow and volume may trigger mild headaches but it would die down as soon as the weeks progress because the body would have gotten used to the hormonal changes that comes with pregnancy.


10. Constipation

This is also caused by the same reason of slow digestion that causes bloating. Because of the slow digestion, foods wont pass through easily which leads to constipation, this also gets worse as the weeks proceed.

11. Mood swings

The woman who is pregnant undergoes massive mood swings during pregnancy from the tiredness that the HCG hormone comes with to the cramps, then the bloating, headache and constipation. All this doesnt really augur well with her and occasional mood swings are allowed.


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