Predicte-Ovulator Predictor


The Predicte Ovulation Prediction Test is fast and easy to use. It is a qualitative test that can predict when there is LH (Luteinizing Hormone) surge, and in turn, when you are likely to ovulate

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Overview & Highlights

It is a very useful tool in natural family planning. It has been shown that the egg is most fertilizable within 12 hours after ovulation. After about 24 hours, it cannot be fertilized anymore. From the point of view of family planning, this post-ovulation period is 48 hours comprising the 24 hours of egg life and a second day for safety.

Predicte plus will help you determine this safe period and therefore will guide you in choosing when next to get pregnant.


  • Predicte-Plus is the most economical solution: you buy it only once but can re-use it for an unlimited number of tests.
  • Its reliability exceeds 98 percent.
  • It is especially helpful in case of irregular, infrequent menstrual cycles.
  • Its daily use helps women chart their menstrual cycle that is a great benefit in case of irregular, infrequent periods.
  • It is a hundred percent natural method without any side effects.
  • It is a simple tool. The only maintenance it requires is cleaning of the slide before a repeat use.
  • It can be combined with other natural family planning methods.
  • Pocket-size, you can use it anywhere.
  • No further costs for batteries, repairs etc.
  • The product is delivered with detailed, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions.
  • It has no expiry date.
  • If you need to know in advance your likely ovulation day (like in the case of sex selection for a baby girl), Predicte-plus is your best bet!

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