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Unconventional Ancient Igbo Birth Methods You Can Use To:

  • Get Pregnant Fast in less than 3 ½ Months without Taking a Single Pill
  • Crush & Reverse all Trace of Female & Male                     Infertility       
  • Prepare Your Womb & Cells For The Most Perfect Condition For Conception (…especially if you’ve never had a child before or you had a bad abortion before)



           Dear friend,

Are you trying so hard right now to get pregnant?

Are you tired of spending money on lots of expensive pills without result? Or do you know anyone who is having a hard time trying to get pregnant?  

If yes… Then I suggest you read this letter carefully before it is TAKEN DOWN because it contains HIDDEN information the Medical Industry doesn’t want you to know about.

Besides, this may just be the MOST IMPORTANT letter you will ever read this year about Getting Pregnant Fast (no matter what your doctor have told you) 

  By the way, my name is Vivian, and I am a RegisteredNurse. Over the last 5 years, I have developed what is considered to be the First Ever Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Pregnancy Success (…no matter how long you’ve tried) 

In the next 3 Minutes, I will take you by the hand and show you a simple yet effective step-by-step guide on How To Get Pregnant Naturally using an Age-Long (almost forgotten) Birth Method of The Nri Tribe (an ancient Eastern tribe)

Discover An unconventional Eastern Ritual Women Who Are Childless Use In BOOSTING Their Chances Of Having A Baby NATURALLY.

 This Practice Has Been In Use For Over A 100 Years Now.

It does not matter if:

  •  You’ve had series of bad abortions in the past that affected your womb
  •  You’ve lost 1 or 2 babies in miscarriages before
  • You’ve had ovarian issues like cysts or fibroid
  • Your man has a low sperm count or erectile issues
  • You’ve been childless for 3 years or 30 years.

 Seriously, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve prayed or how long you’ve tried…

I know we’ve all heard or seen those shocking stories of 70-something year old women having babies on the News.

Yes, it is possible! In fact, it is very possible. And science has no single idea or explanation how it happens.  

So, why should your own case be different?

Why should having a baby whenever you want to be a headache for you?

Why should having babies or getting pregnant be an issue?  

And Yes, there is a connection with this ancient birth technique I am about to show you and the Jewish tribe.

Have you ever heard of the saying “…my people shall be fruitful and give birth like the jewish women”?

Yes! There is a particular technique used by women in the early days of man to get pregnant easily…

And there are only few reported tribes that have this incredible and almost-forgotten ancient birth methods—the Chinese Han tribe, the Indian Bhil tribe and the Jewish tribe of Judah.  

Rumors have it that this ancient birthing trick was passed onto the Nri Igbo community during the era of slave trade.  

Now, as a student nurse, I also noticed this same system of ‘getting pregnant’ amongst the elderly women of the Nri tribe and I have taken time out of our ever-busy schedule as a medical student to not only study it extensively but summarize it too.  

You see, there are about 3 major unconventional causes of infertility & ‘childlessness’ and amazingly, not even Doctors and Gynecologists are taking this into consideration when consulting barren women.  

These 3 Unconventional Causes are what I refer to as the Pregnancy Power Trippers.

And any woman who is impatient about Getting Pregnant should NOT IGNORE them. The Pregnancy Power Trippers include:

  • Your Daily Lifestyle & Where You Live
  • Your Eating Habit
  • Your Ovary Conditions & Your Partner’s Cells

It also includes… ·       

How noise affects your fertility especially if you live close to a noisy market or have a noisy power generating set at home. 

How Menopause has absolutely very little to do with a woman’s ability to have babies. 

The truth about irregular ovulations and how to by-pass missed ovulations by showing you the EXACT Super-Foods recommended by science and nature guaranteed to TRIPLE the POTENCY of your partner’s cells.  

I was able to develop this SURE-FIRE, 100% guaranteed, clinically researched system that is backed by over 7,500+ hours of intensive medicine research for getting pregnant naturally over the years by sheer determination.  

I would have done this a while ago but the problem is that I’m not a professional advert writer. I’m a just a young student nurse with zero writing experience…

but what I have to say is so important that I decided to sit down to write you this message in best way I can. 

Lately, I’ve had a lot of people asking me about the easiest way a woman can get pregnant.

Even though I tried and tried to write a good Ad telling people all about overcoming infertility I just can’t do it.

I’ve tried and tried to tell people about the required steps they need to Get Pregnant,but I kept on postponing it because writing long letters is not my thing.

I can’t do it.

But I finally figured a way around it… Why not tell you exactly what I would say to you if you were my friend and we sat down for a quick chat in class?  

And that was it. As soon as I had a little semester break, I bent down and put in all the secrets I had uncovered over the years into this report.  


Listen carefully and stay with me…  

I know how hard it is to admit that you can't get pregnant or have a baby as you’d like to and I totally know how you feel.

I know it isn't your fault, dear, but most men won't understand.  

Let’s not beat around the bush here.

Time is valuable and I don’t wanna waste it.  

So, let me just tell you the HARD TRUTH—if you can honestly look in the mirror and say… 
“I am 100% happy with my fertility and I am not interested in learning a proven and recommended natural secret that will BOOST my Fertility and TRIPPLE my chances of conceiving without taking any of those harmful and expensive sex pills” …
then you might as well leave this page now!

Because this letter is not for you.  

But if you honestly want to save your relationship, your pride and have a fulfilling parental

experience then read on… this is for YOU.

One thing is certain…

To be able to Get Pregnant– you have to be able to have your eggs and your partner’s cells in a top-notch condition.

You can’t just read a ‘get pregnant quick tip’ in a magazine or watch a 3 minute YouTube video demonstrating a sex technique and expect to start having babies by the following week.  

Does it take a little effort to become a pregnant?

For sure. It does.

But here’s the real question you should be asking:

“Would I buy a solution which takes only 30 minutes of my life a day to be able to have as much babies as I want?”

Damn right. Yes I would!
For at least 7 good reasons:
  • You never have to live in shame or doubt your ability to ‘reproduce’ in bed. Because you have 100% confidence in your ability to be called a FULL woman or man, any time, any place.
  • This confidence will attract respect. People are magnetically attracted to couples who are highly      reproductive. So ‘getting pregnant’ is easy, and you don’t need a lot of stress to do it.
  • You have total control of your emotions… you are rest assured anytime anywhere that your          marriage is ROCK-SOLID. No stress from inlaws or parents whatsoever about giving them grandchildren.
  • If you’re in your late 20’s or early 30’s and currently feel so HEALTHY & REPRODUCTIVE – these proven tips, tricks and techniques will help you to SUSTAIN and PROLONG your FERTILITY to the MAXIMUM…way into your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.
  • If you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and have had the unfortunate experience of a bad abortion or several miscarriages that you you’re your womb may never hold a baby again, then, this techniques to improve your fertility will RAMP UP your reproductive hormones and POWER UP your ability to get pregnant in less than 3 ½ months.
  • And if you have serious sexual performance issues right now – issues such as Impotency or an STD or STI– then these techniques will get you performing again. Without having to make embarrassing trips to the Doctor and without having to take harmful drugs or pills.
  Long story short… Your marital-life will NEVER remain the same!

You will have a rapid, incredible and totally renovated system that your partner will be amazed and totally speechless at how fast your pregnancies will come!

And when you make love, the results will be INSTANT pregnancy!  


A lot of my readers have used this amazing secret and it worked like MAGIC for them. Let’s take a look at what they have to say about it below: 


5 years of bareness broken.

“5 years of bareness is not what I wish anyone. Thanks to Nurse Vivian for recommending this life-saving eBook and video program. God bless you. I now have a cute little girl. I can’t thank you enough, Vivian”

Priscilla. 49 Yrs old (Abuja, Nigeria)

I was able to overcome ovarian issues following steps in your eBook

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I went for a second scan test after the doctor told me I had a low chance of conceiving..at the age of 37. I had doubts that your system would work but then I believed and I purchased it. Now, look at me. My complications are gone and I’m 4 months preggy!

Ebere Amadi. 37 Yr old (Onitsha, Nigeria)

Bouncing baby girl after trying so hard for 15 months. But my story changed after following your guide

Nurse. “I was seriously getting concerned when I couldn’t keep just conceive. But then, my husband came home with your eBooks and videos all downloaded on his phone. And contrary to what the doctor told us about our inability to ever have a child, here I am carrying my own baby. There are no words to describe how I feel. You are a blessing to marriages”

Clara Idowu. 31 Yr old (Accra, Ghana)

It’s a miracle! After 11 years and spending thousands of hard-earned cash on counseling and pills, I finally overcame ovarian cysts using just 5 steps from your eBook direction.

“I had  recurrent abortions or what we call miscarriages and I lost 2 pregnancies in less than 15 months. My gynecologist says I may never have a baby again. I lost hope till I travelled to Africa and came across your life-saving eBooks and videos. I am forever grateful, dear. I am now pregnant and will be due in a few months. Thanks to your detailed Pregnancy program Nurse Vivian.

Martha Hernadez (Flamingo, Brazil)

Pregnant at 57 years! Who would have believed that at my age, I could finally have a child? Thank you for giving hope to women all over the country, Vivian.

 “I turned 57 last 2 months and I have never had a baby because I had a severe case of ectopic pregnancy and after years of bareness, I was surprised when my CT Scans showed my womb had a baby. He’s all grown now. And I am so fulfilled. Thanks for giving women my age hope.

Ibukun Agnes (Chicago Illinois, U.S.A)


I almost forgot about telling you about my friend whose first marriage crashed because she couldn’t conceive and bear a child.

Her name is Sarah. Unfortunately, I met her 2 months after she got divorced.

And there was absolutely nothing we could do about her failed marriage…but GUESS WHAT?!  

Sarah is currently blessed with 2 lovely kids as we speak.  

I specifically asked her to send in her picture for this particular advert letter and she did…

scroll down a bit and see how FULFILLED and HEALTHY she looks with her new family.

After a first failed marriage, I was able to reverse my blocked womb and give my husband 2 babies in just 2years and a month.

 “I totally lost hope in myself. But meeting you, Nurse Vivian, was one of the most important events of my life. Honestly, I didn’t believe it would work. I just wanted to give it a try because I had given up hope. Joy feels my heart as I write this… I wish I had met you earlier.”

Ahmed Sarah (Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria)

My Point is this… Infertility is a Sign From Our Body That Something Is Wrong Somewhere  

And if you don’t pay ATTENTION to your body’s signal you WILL be BARREN for LIFE (most times)  

The rate of infertility amongst women has tripled to close to 45% according to statistics.

And it is alarming because lots of medical centers have absolutely no idea on how you can stop this ever-rising DANGER.  

And no woman/couple has any reason whatsoever to pass through an infertile stage in silence and that includes You!  

So, dear friend, If you are interested in getting this ALMOST EXTINCT SIMPLE (yet effective) SECRET that has literally changed hundreds of lives and marriages then I strongly suggest you

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the next few paragraphs below…  

With your permission I am going to make a quick online analysis of your general health in other to determine – at my own risk and expense – the key elements you are lacking, or major corrections which you or your partner need for stronger, healthier and more reproductive cells.”  

This offer is open to just the first 100 women or couple who contact me after getting this recommended Fertility Solutions in the form of eBooks and video programs (for download) :    



Introducing… HOW TO GET PREGNANT (For Barren Women) …            a simple step-by-step guide to getting pregnant using guaranteed     natural secrets.

 This is the one-time wonder that has been changing lives and marriages since it was released.

  Here Is a Few Of The SECRETS That Will Be REVEALED to You As Soon As You Download Your Copy Of The How To Get Pregnant Program Today:


  • SECRET #1: How to quickly and easily TRANSFORM YOUR WOMB into a fertile garden for babies to grow naturally in… You'll get my 15 easy-to-follow pregnancy steps that is helping hundreds of women all over the country and is currently on HOT demand right now             (See Page 19) 
  • SECRET #2: Discover the most important element that when eliminated can virtually dissolve over 85% of all Infertility cases (including blocked ovaries, cysts and fibroids)                  See pgs. 71 and 77 
  • SECRET #3:  My TOP 5-step Power Formula for monitoring an irregular menstrual cycle which is vital for conception to occur                                                                                                         (See Pg. 31-33) 
  • SECRET #4: The truth behind the 3 most popular LIES ever told about a woman’s ovulation and how you can turn this truth to your advantage and maximize your chances of getting pregnant in less than 3 months and few weeks
  • SECRET #5: Discover the techniques I used in helping Sarah, my friend get pregnant months after her first marriage crashed because of ovarian complications. (See Page 57)
  • SECRET #6: Why you should forget everything almost every "specialist doctor" or Internet Marketing "expert" tells you. Stop falling for this myth pushed on everybody. (See page 29-30)
  • SECRET #7: Three Reasons every man should go for a medical checkup… especially if one of his testes is noticeably bigger than the other. Ignore this at your (See page 35) 
  • SECRET #8: How to Re-ACTIVATE even the most unhealthy and lowest male sperm count into a refreshingly SUPER-SWIMMER sperm that is guaranteed to get her pregnant faster than you can ever imagine. (Page 70 -73) 
  • SECRET #9: Three Sex Positions guaranteed to get you pregnant once you use them accordingly. You can have sex using this simple technique and immediately zoom off to sleep and wake up pregnant the next day. No stress needed. (Page 124) 
  • SECRET #10: The Best 5 nutritional elements that need to be included in your daily meal or you'll never get pregnant no matter how hard you try. (See page 74)
  • SECRET #11: The Worst 2 hormones that could be squashing your chances of getting pregnant and how you can reclaim control of it with your diet
  • SECRET #12: Is there a best time to have sex to conceive and what ancient Nri women say about sleeping positions and it’s effect on fertility and women lifestyle in general. 
  • SECRET #13: What Chinese scientists are saying about a popular group of “foods" and the negative implications it is having on African fertility (tip: most women are eating this at least once in two days)
  • SECRET #14: The Top 2 supplements every man must be taking to maximize his fertility (especially if he is above 35 years)

**Plus answers to 15 of the most FAQ about getting pregnant question including: 2 Super HOT freshly launched eBooks…  

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program also shows you:

5 Mistakes women make that always leads to an instant forced abortion (also known as miscarriage) and how to avoid them.   

The most potent natural roots and vegetables any man with a history of erectile dysfunction and low sperm quality can take to automatically reverse and BOOST his sperm count in exactly 9 days.   

How Menopause is a big fat lie and an excuse for big pharmacies to extort money and pump you full of useless drugs…just like cancer.

What to do if you have a fertilized egg outside of your ovary (and how to avoid it in the first place).

Natural short-cuts to safe conception and delivery especially if you are slightly overweight or have a history of the dreaded diabetes in your family.  

The ROOT-CAUSE of infertility that doctors are totally clueless about  


Listen dear, there are lucky couples that get pregnant fast, this is true…

but the sad reality is that most couples take months if not years to conceive.

Well… it’s not surprising, with all the misinformation, myths, lies and the old-school stories surrounding getting pregnant. Save yourself heartaches, time, effort and also save your relationship with these quick and simple tips you can easily use to DOUBLE your chances of getting pregnant.

The How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program is guaranteed to work for you as it includes guidelines that is easy as ABC. And also as effective and simple to follow as…123.

I honestly don’t know what your particular situation is but if a system has worked for over a hundred women in the last few months then I think it stands a good chance of working for you.

Because of my very busy lecture days as a medical student, I feel sad for not revealing the secrets in the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program ever since.

So, since I have my short semester break, I decided to also provide you with extra information…  3 HOT Banging Free Bonuses At Once!  

Order The How to Get Pregnant (HGP) Before My Breaks Today and You'll Also Receive The Following 4 Bonuses Worth At Least =N=39,710.32 ($110.56) for FREE!      

HOT BONUS #1:  MISCARRIAGES: Causes Symptoms and How to Prevent
After a first failed marriage, I was able to reverse my blocked womb and give my husband 2 babies in just 2years and a month.

 “I totally lost hope in myself. But meeting you, Nurse Vivian, was one of the most important events of my life. Honestly, I didn’t believe it would work. I just wanted to give it a try because I had given up hope. Joy feels my heart as I write this… I wish I had met you earlier.”

Ahmed Sarah (Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria)

 This special Recommended eBook, MISCARRIAGES: Causes Symptoms and How to Prevent contains everything a woman who is expecting a baby should know about miscarriages and how to avoid it peaceful and naturally when you get pregnant.           

Value: 11,210 but yours for free

HOT FREE BONUS #2: The Top 15 Questions…a list of the top 15 questions asked by women after delivery.

Get the answers to the Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions you will likely need answers to after you give birth. This is will save you time and help you know what to except few weeks and months after your baby has arrived.

Value: 3,210 but yours for free


HOT BONUS #3:  VIDEOS—How to Get Pregnant Instructional video guides.

 This freshly launched video contains the A to Z of everything we have discussed in the eBook, How To Get Pregnant (HEP).

The VIDEOS—How to Get Pregnant Instructional video guides is perfect for you if you are very busy or a career person who don’t have all the time in the world to go through the eBook at a sitting.  

Value: 17,290 but yours for free



 HOT BONUS #4: a Lifetime Constant Update e-Mail

The How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program is the first ever program which have shown in full explanatory details everything a woman needs to naturally transform herself into the mother she wishes to become…in less than 3 months.

What this means is that by investing in the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) you automatically become qualified for our lifetime email client follow-ups and updates on recent findings in the medical world about women’s fertility.

 In fact, as soon as I reach the limit of people I think I can handle, I will seize to accept entries as school work and exams usually take up most of our time here…

So, grab this chance while you can.

And utilize this opportunity to your advantage.  

After you have downloaded this eBooks and video program you will be automatically added to our mailing list, which is a private list of exclusive readers who will always be updated on all our activites about things like our upcoming almost 50% discount promos and free giveaways and even the chance to partake in my Last Bonus which is…  



A Free Personal One-On-One Medical Analysis Of Your Problem For Better Results.

I will simply contact you by sending you an email and when you make purchase a download link will be sent to you alongside the links to other free eBooks and videos on HOT TOPICS like "How To Select the Sex of Your Baby even before you give birth".

All these highly guarded information will be unveiled to just the few lucky people who invest in and get the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) program.                                                                                      

Value: 10,015 but yours for free


Another testimony from a Happy Reader on FACEBOOK

 We decided to name our baby girl after you, as soon as she is born next month. I wish I can thank you face to face,

Nurse Vivian. Your program is just a miracle to me.

Sarah Hadizat (Alabama, US)


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Mind you that because of the exclusive nature of the service I provide to my customers, and because I am a woman that stands by her words, there is obviously a limit to the amount of emails (and calls) I can answer a day too.

No matter how hard I feel I have to help other women with infertility disorders, the truth is that it is ONLY available for a limited number of people.

And the fact that you are reading these words right now means that it's still available.

The next time you visit, it will surely be gone. 

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So, How Much Does the How To Get Pregnant (HGP) go for?

Since there are no printing costs for e-books, you can get this e-book for much less than it would cost if it was in a hard printed manual copy -

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Your investment for this life-changing e-book program now is 15,650 only!


This is your total package... ·       
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This is to your advantage anyway you choose to look at it…

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The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your phone screen too, or you can even print it out and have your own hard-copy.

The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your phone screen too, or you can even print it out and have your own hard-copy.

So, with your permission,

I am going to show you the simplest and most effective steps a woman can use to get pregnant in not less than 3 ½ months when you click on the “Order Now” button below…  

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Remember that the bonuses will be withdrawn once I get the first few 100 sign ups The results will come.

By following the step by step instructions every day your reproductive system will improve and your chances of getting pregnant will not only TRIPLE over time but you will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to pre-select the sex of your baby even before delivery.

At the end of several weeks, your infertility problems will literally fade away.

And in no distant time, the cry of a baby will full the entire house as you rejoice in the joys of motherhood with your own baby in your hands.


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